Helen Gaskell MTB coaching offers mountain bike skills coaching to riders of all levels; from beginner to expert, trail centre riders, or experienced riders venturing into enduro racing for the first time.


Each session lasts 3 hours and cost £90 if situated at Hamsterley Forest.

We can cover all the things you need to progress your riding from just surviving the trail to pushing the limits.

Maybe you want the confidence to be able to go out to the ride the Alps and not be left behind by your friends? or maybe you are an aspiring pro downhill racer where every tenth of a second counts? or more confidence to tackle a tricky drop or jump?

These sessions take place out on natural trails where you can encounter all types of obstacles from roots, drop offs, off camber corners and switchbacks.

My sessions are aimed to be fun and confidence inspiring.

They will cover-

  • bike set up
  • riding position1604976_10152136954695428_1469324988_n
  • adapting your technique to the trail
  • Line selection
  • Technical/natural riding
  • Flow
  • Jumps
  • Drops

I can also offer guided rides for £200 per day.

Women only group coaching days available. Cross Country and Downhill. Enduro coaching days are available on request to get you ready and prepared for your first ever race or to help sharpen your skills for the next big race.

Call me on 07813 957046 for more details or to book.