The first big race of the year had finally come around and I was super excited to get riding and racing again. I was riding my new bike, the SCOTT Genius LT 700 Tuned. With 170mm travel and full carbon frame it’s a super light setup.I arrived on Friday lunch time to see the race village already packed with riders and teams; normally it would be quiet on Fridays.  The popularity and appeal of Enduro racing has gone crazy! I had a plan to practice all 5 stages on the Friday; I ended up just doing stages 1 to 4 and leaving stage 5 for Saturday’s practice. Stage 4 was really technical and muddy at the top which is exactly what I love to ride while Stage 5 was the old DH track which I knew I would enjoy riding as I’ve raced it many times in my downhill days.


I woke up to heavy rain on Saturday so I waited an hour till it stopped before I went to practice, the forecast was to be windy and stop raining, and, sure enough, by the time my seeding run came at 3:30pm it was sunny and much drier.

This year in the Gravity series the seeding runs are included in the overall times, so I wanted to put in a fast run. With a few unfortunate mistakes I came out with a time of 3 minutes 01 seconds, putting me in 1st position with a 12 second lead, so I was quite pleased but knew there was room for improvement come Sunday.

Race day arrived; there had been heavy rain overnight so the stages were wet again. I was the first rider down all day, starting at 10.20am, shortly followed by the rest of the girls hungry to catch me. I was feeling good so I wanted to ride every stage consistently. Stages 1, 4 and 5 were my best, I felt as though I struggled to carry the same speed on stages 2 and 3.Overall it was a successful weekend for me, I seeded 1st, I won every stage and took the win, Sarah Newman took 2nd spot and Carrie Poole rounded up 3rd spot. It was also great to be surrounded by my SCOTT/Syncros/Pioneer Team mates; we’re all looking forward to getting in some more successful rides at the next Enduro races this year.


With only 6 weeks now until round 2 at Innerleithen and 7 weeks to the Enduro World Series round, I best get some more big miles in, big well done to Steve Parr for putting an excellent event on and thanks to all the Sponsors who make our riding possible.

See you on the trails

Hels x