So it was already round 3 of the UK Gravity Enduro series, the weather forecast was better than ever before when I have been to Wales, blue skies, dusty trails and around 25 degrees.
I travelled down on Thursday night, arriving late at 2200hrs, it meant I could have a whole day of practice on Friday, the loop this time was 45 km, it was going to be a tough race in that kind of heat, something we are definitely not used too.

I decided on Friday morning to run a fast rolling tyre on the back as it was so dry and some stages had a lot of pedalling in, I ran a Schwalbe Hans dampf on the front and a rock razor on the back. It worked really well, even on Stage 4 a freshly cut steep natural stage, which turned out to be my favourite.10366161_780338878667755_7801926877817987749_n

Stage 5 was also seeding on Saturday, pretty short, only 3mins 43 secs but it had the lungs working, some strong pedalling was needed on the bottom half of the stage to clear some jumps.
I had 2 practice runs down so I knew where I was going, seeding went well for me, I had a clean smooth run which seeded me into 1st, nearly 8 secs ahead of 2nd place which gave me a good start for Race day on Sunday.

The elite ladies had an early start, first race run on stage 1 was at 9:10am for me, it was only a 5 minute ride from the pits so I didn’t feel very warmed up. I got down having made 2 big mistakes which wasn’t a great start to the day, I took a wrong turn half way which was sending me towards stage 4, lucky the crowd shouted wrong way and I quickly turned around!
Stage 2 was super rocky and tech, really good, I rode consistently but it was not enough to win the stage, Sarah Newman put in a great time to beat me so I knew I was losing time.

I put 100% into stage 3, it was all about fitness. I had to make time back, so I pushed hard, and I put a great run together and took that stage win by 20 seconds. I was back in the game.
My legs were feeling it after 3 stages and I was struggling a bit in the heat. I pushed hard all the way to the finish, no mechanicals and no flat tyres which was a big bonus.

My team mate Cal Drew was unlucky to flat twice at this race, I was pleased to come away with another win, that’s 3 out of 3 now so the overall series is looking good. Sarah Newman rode superb into 2nd place only 16seconds behind me with Bex Baraona in 3rd.

Another great weekend of racing , there is a break now until August for round 4 of the Gravity Series which again is in Wales. See you all there.

Hels x